Repairs & Troubleshoots

Pain points for sellers to deal with returns

Time-consuming, high cost for returning and send them back for repair

Seek help from local friends with nonstandard operations. Receive negative ratings on the refurbished products, not worth the loss

Discard or destroy the returns, huge loss.

After customers’ feedback, the R&D staff cannot get the product and fail to troubleshoot on time, causing customer attrition.

Why Choose Nagog Innovation

Employees have many years of experience in electronic product design and return & repair.

Summarize issues during repair, investigate similar products in the US market, and provide sellers with optimized product opinions

Work closely with the manufacturer to confirm every step of product maintenance and strictly implement the inspection process.

Receive and test products with numerous complaints or being discontinued. Test and verify locally, fully assist manufacturers to quickly locate problems

We can go to the customer site to check the product based on the seller’s needs.

Fix and troubleshoot: procedure

Cross-border e-commerce repair and troubleshooting process

Early communication
Sign contract
Come to agreement

Technical training
Verify working procedure

Package mailing
Receive returns

Inspection and refurbishment

Problem report
FBA storage