Overseas Customer Service

Issues you may encounter in international e-commerce

Time zone differences

Failure to answer clients on time, causing a brand decline


Unfamiliarity with North American culture and language, ineffective communication


No software or platform to record clients’ issues and resolve them

Our advantages


Experienced customer service team

Team of Native Speakers + Chinese
Efficient communication with local buyers and Chinese sellers
Two customer phone representatives for each dedicated brand phone line


Customized service platform for each client

An exclusive multifunctional system with Big Data analytics
View customer complaints by seller categories
Optimize customer service and thus maximize profits


Professional phone-recording software

Phone call record and replay
Zero misses of incoming calls
Follow up each call, complete recordkeeping


Closely communicate with seller

Fully assist seller to fix any problem quickly.
Strictly inspect all products.
Ensure professional customer service


High professionalism

Familiar with local culture
Reliable reputation
Excellent skills
High professionalism
A strong and stable team

Our procedure for international e-commerce customer service outsourcing

Early communication
Locate the most suitable customized business

Sign contract
Ensure the greatest benefit and safety

Customer Service Training
Full knowledge of the products, fully prepared

Phone number assignment
Provide exclusive numbers based on customer needs

Formal service
Provide high-quality, complete customer service

After-sales service
Big-data Analysis, professional problem report

Steps of customer service processing calls